Ferguson, S. – Discovering God’s Will

God's WillDiscovering God’s Will, Sinclair Ferguson, 1996. A brief little book with a pastoral tone on how to use the Bible for guidance. Develops three main points: Look for clear commands, look for principles, and look for examples and illustrations. The ACE website has a review of this helpful little book. The last paragraph of the review is great: “Often, when people say they want to know God’s will for their lives, they mean that they want to be assured that everything will go as they plan, without difficulty or trial.  One thing we can be sure about God’s will is that this is not his plan.  Instead of seeking relief from the prospect of difficulty or worldly failure, Christians should instead seek to honor God with decisions that are obedient to his Word, trusting him to make all our seemingly twisted paths straight in his loving care of our lives.”

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