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The Deeper Life movement came about from the Methodists, Holiness Groups, Nazarenes, etc. all coming out of the Anglican church. (See Anglican Church for a detailed review of them.)

All of these groups follow in principle John Wesley’s teaching of a second work of Grace, or Perfectionism. They are looking for real spiritual changes in people who claim to be saved, and they will not be satisfied with professors who don’t live differently their lives, after the image of Christ. For this, we can applaud this movement.

Errors and Failings

While spirituality, holiness, and a closer walk with God are all things any true Christian would like to see, the “method” of “Methodism” is just not biblical. This error is an extension and expansion of the monks’ asceticism, and the general idea that by flailing the body and by such types of activities, one becomes more spiritual.

Spirituality comes from walking with Christ constantly, yielding your life and actions and attitudes over to the moving of the Holy Spirit, which will always work through God’s Word.

Activity in itself will not make a person more spiritual. There are no secret methods to spirituality or to commune with God. This idea has been around since the Mystery Religions, and likewise is not a biblical concept.

About the only activities (“biblical methods”) that we see in the New Testament were prayer and meditating on Christ’s teachings.

Why so many Crises Today? by Pastor David Cox is a post on how Satan uses today's crises (which are not real crises, but fake crises fabricated by Satan to deceive) to control and bring men under his dominion.
But Satan will now "have his reign" unhindered. How will he get almost all of earth's inhabitants to worship him? Through crises that supposedly there is no other way than Satan's way to "fix what is wrong". This analysis of what is a problem plus how to best fix that problem is the key to Satan's strategy. What we are seeing in our present generation is the preparation of this plan of Satan to take over the world...
The idea of God "creating evil" (Isaiah 45:7) is that God creates adversity. Things which go astray from man's best plans. No man plans to have cancer, but God does send adversity man's life (for example, Job). The book of Job points out how God proposed to Satan to try Job with sickness. It was for God's glory, because God begins everything with "Job is just", so Job had no spiritual problem in himself that caused this sickness and crisis of every kind on Job. Just the opposite. Job was just. God declares to us this fact...See Why are there so many Crises Today?

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  1. I have to give a rigorous thumbs up (just thumbs without raised hands). A lot of people simply do not understand the destructive consequences of the “deeper life,” “higher life,” wider life, rounder life and the other works oriented life movements.

  2. There is a different Deeper Life movement. It came down here from Canada. They are not Wesleyan. They are Calvinists. More or less Catholic without the Holy Spirit. Some have eaten the flesh of Jesus, Some in their own groups are not elect. Some are Elect. What they base the choice on is not known. Their Grace doesn’t include holiness because ,they don’t recognize the Holy Spirit as God and part of the Trinity. They could be saved by Grace and run the mafia. Paul’s apostolic church allows for the completion of evil to obey the will of God unto total perdition. There is none lost to Him but the Son of Perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled. No person sealed by Christ and the Holy Spirit can become the son of Perdition. According to Deeper Life Calvinism it is someone non elect appointed by God, who has sinned the sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and annulled the grace of God, trampled the Son of God underfoot and does not love God ,Jesus , and the Holy Spirit nor their neighbor as themselves.

    1. Please send me information on it. I would expect they are neo-calvinists that believe that making a decision to receive Christ as your Savior is a work. They believe we are saved purely by God without any decision by ourselves. They call it Decisional regenerationism.

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