This is an index page of people in theology with analysis of their doctrines and practices. More coming in the future.

Cox A Study on the Trinity
is a short 32-page work on the Trinity with special attention applied towards Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses. Chapters: 1. God is One Monotheism. | 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people. | 3. Other Consideration that God has to be three persons. | 4. God the Father is God | 5. Jesus is God | 6. The Holy Spirit is God. | 7. Unacceptable explanations of the Trinity. | 8 Conclusion. Alternate Download Site:

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  1. Enjoy your website. Good sound material.

    I was wondering if you will be posting the “People in theology with analysis of their doctrines and practices.” I think this would be very informative.

    1. Hi Rod, Good observation/suggestion. I will have to think about it somewhat, but the answer is a definite yes, but where is the big question. I have books on, so an author page on that website would be good, but here also would be good. Maybe parallel. I will think about it. At this point in my restoration of, in about 2 weeks I might be starting author pages there, so I will try to work on this.

      To be truthful, I have been already working pretty steady for 2 months on the authors, but not on a website. In my theWord library which you can download off of, I have two new kinds of modules, a CIM (Category Index Module) and an AIM (Affiliation Index Module). In the AIM, I have a brief overview of the group (Baptist, Presbyterian, Congregational, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, Reformed-Calvinistic, etc), and then I list all authors in the library in the AIM to which they belong. Each author has a biography section also, so that is where I have been putting that kind of material for the past 2-3 months. I will have to see how I can use that to put it up on a website.

      So it is in the making, just will take a little time to get it worked up well, and then posted on a website.

      Thanks for writing. Pastor David Cox

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