Catholic Church

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We can define the Catholic Church from a few of their many distinctive doctrines.

  • They (and they alone) are the true church descended from the early church of the New Testament.
  • The current Pope is the Vicar of Christ or the singular,  authoritative representative of God on earth.
  • Only those under this church’s domain are saved and going to heaven.
  • Belief in a works salvation, whereby a good Catholic works to earn their place in heaven.
  • Petition of God for mercy through the saints and principally through the Virgin Mary.
  • Mass which is a continuation of the Old Testament priestly system of sacrifices, in which the priest sacrifices Jesus Christ afresh with each Mass.

Articles on Roman Catholicism

    Tracts on Roman Catholicism

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    Background and Formation

    Basic Doctrines

    Mary Worship and Errors

    The Catholic Church promotes Mary and worships her. This is an exaltation of a person over Jesus Christ, and in fact, they teach that nobody can approach God, not even through Jesus Christ, and it is only through Mary and her mediatorship that one can approach God. This means that Mary worship is at the center of this false religion.



    Why so many Crises Today? by Pastor David Cox is a post on how Satan uses today's crises (which are not real crises, but fake crises fabricated by Satan to deceive) to control and bring men under his dominion.
    But Satan will now "have his reign" unhindered. How will he get almost all of earth's inhabitants to worship him? Through crises that supposedly there is no other way than Satan's way to "fix what is wrong". This analysis of what is a problem plus how to best fix that problem is the key to Satan's strategy. What we are seeing in our present generation is the preparation of this plan of Satan to take over the world...
    The idea of God "creating evil" (Isaiah 45:7) is that God creates adversity. Things which go astray from man's best plans. No man plans to have cancer, but God does send adversity man's life (for example, Job). The book of Job points out how God proposed to Satan to try Job with sickness. It was for God's glory, because God begins everything with "Job is just", so Job had no spiritual problem in himself that caused this sickness and crisis of every kind on Job. Just the opposite. Job was just. God declares to us this fact...See Why are there so many Crises Today?