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Total Depravity: 5. Righteous men delivering their own souls

Righteous men: The Righteousness of Noah, Daniel, and Job to deliver their own souls

righteous menRighteous men: I want to make it very clear from the beginning that I do not believe that a man can “make himself righteous” before God. This making one’s self righteous in order to find or fabricate merit before God in relation to gaining salvation is simply a false doctrine.

Having said that, once a person trusts God’s provision of a Savior, he is saved, and then the righteousness of a person becomes very real in the pleasing of God.

The argument of Ezekiel is keyed on “every man”, or each individual person.

Ezek 18:2 What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge?

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Bible Versions

Different Bible Versions

Bible Versions. I should start off this post by saying that I believe and use the KJV as my Bible version when I use an English Bible. I am a missionary fluent in Spanish, and use a Spanish Bible version in my church in Mexico City. Let me just say that people who are honest and look at this issue from all sides, and if that person is a modern day “Fundamentalist”, he would have problems “getting into bed” with any one of these theories floating around out there.

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Verses that refute Limited Atonement

I list some verses which indicate the atonement was for all for your consideration.

What does “all” mean?

The Calvinist uses the strategy of redefining words in order to get their position into a “biblical” light, just like the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

When we ask what does “all” mean? Simply put, it means all the individuals in a group. When we say “all of the apostles” we are specifying all of that group. When the qualifier of what group is left out, it means all people, of all times, and of all conditions (saved and unsaved).

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False Prophet bad fruit Part 1

False Prophet bad fruit Part 1 is a study on the False Prophet in the Bible, his fruit is bad and that is what he produces.

A False Prophet cannot but produce bad fruit

False Prophet bad Fruit. Christians have the obligation to be fruit inspectors. We cannot ignore the possibility of a cherished minister actually being a false prophet. This could be that he always was bad, or that being good, at some point he turned bad.

Here we need to look at a couple of things, and not be deceived by the “misdirection” these magicians use to deceive. We start asking honest questions. What kind of ministry did this guy establish? Is it biblical? Look at the people he has gathered. What kind of people gravitate to this ministry and this minister? What economic success have they achieved, and how does that relate in their priorities and central focus? Are there blatant carnality seen on the surface? How does the leadership react to sensualness, carnality, and worldliness? Are they focusing on fame and recognition rather than doing God’s work? Continue reading False Prophet bad fruit Part 1