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Cults: Lies and Deceptions

A cult is an organization that claims to be a good Christian church, but in reality it is a work of the Devil.  One of the ways to recognize a cult is when what they claim to be isn’t the same as what they are. When their projection of themselves (“a work of God”) is revealed to have deception, lies, half-truths, twists and distortions of the truth, you know that it is time to head for the door.

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Problems with Total Depravity or Inability

Problems with Total Depravity or Inability examines the flaws and errors of Total Depravity (really total inability). Problems with Total Depravity or Inability

Introduction to Problems with Total Depravity or Inability

Let’s make this as simple as we can so that people can understand us. Calvinism wishes to totally remove all concepts of moral activity for Christians. Say what they may say about holiness, sanctification, and leaving off sinning, the truth of the matter is that their teachings (if believed and followed lead their followers) push people strongly down the road of moral inactivity to a state of spiritual bankruptcy. There is no other alternative if you follow Calvinism. You may not be as advanced as “a 5 pointer”, but you are on the same road, no matter what you say or think. Problems with Total Depravity or Inability Continue reading Problems with Total Depravity or Inability

Pastoral Covetousness NT

Pastoral Covetousness

Pastoral Covetousness: Effects of Covetousness
By David Cox

A false prophet is easily identified by their Pastoral Covetousness. Simply put, he desires a high life which he gets from his relationship with the church. In this study, we look at how the Bible requires the man of God to stand far off from covetousness. To not associate with it in any way.

This is the first article in a series of articles on money and the minister. See Tag:

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Old Calvinist’s and their belief in free offer

Old Calvinist’s and their belief in free offer has quotes from old Calvinists representing their beliefs in the free offer of the gospel irrespective of election.

Evidence from the writings of the most eminent Calvinists that they believed that the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ is to be made to every individual sinner without any exceptions. My main source of reference are the books of my own modest library. It may be that better quotes can be secured elsewhere. However those quoted here will suffice to prove the point…that orthodox Calvinism has always believed in the free, indiscriminate offer of the gospel both to elect and non elect alike. Continue reading Old Calvinist’s and their belief in free offer

FP: The Burden to Confront Sin

FP: The Burden to Confront Sin

The Burden to Confront Sin
by David Cox

Titus 1:13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;
14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

One of the true signs of a man of God is his burden to confront sin. Perhaps the single most horrible manuever of Satan is that of setting up many churches that are really good places, with good likeable people, and a great dynamic pastor that preachers wonderfully, but not of that actually confronts sin. There is no Burden to Confront Sin. This is a church where you can go and feel good about yourself, and where you can really go in total confidence that nothing there will challenge the sin in your life. These churches are often designer specific, such as the homosexual church, or the rich person’s church, or the yuppie young people’s church. The thing that stands out about them is whenever there is a public rebuke, it is like the end of the world. “We never heard that before. Why did the preacher just ruin our church?Continue reading FP: The Burden to Confront Sin

Errors of Calvinism

Errors of Calvinism

Errors of Calvinism
By David Cox

In the pages under this topic, I will mark the problems, abuses, error (heresy), and refutation of Calvinism. Over the years I have come to increasing see Calvinism taking the exact form of a cult, and this is very serious. In contrast to being the mark of fidelity, it is the mark of error. Although most people who are Calvinists simply won’t consider anything else as being true to God, please read my arguments against Calvinism and compare them with the reality of church life and the truth of God, and you will see in a Calvinist church, there are grave problems. Continue reading Errors of Calvinism

Narcissism Pleasure Lovers, not Lovers of God

Narcissism Pleasure Lovers, not Lovers of God

Topic: Narcissism Pleasure Lovers, not Lovers of God
By David Cox

In this installment on Narcissism, we look at how Narcissism Lovers of Pleasure, not of God works out. This is an idolatry against the true God.

Pleasure has become the new god of this age. While there are lots of other gods “running around”, the masses have embraced the concept of pleasure as their ultimate goal. They think about it constantly, and they simply endure work in order to enable them to worship their god, pleasure. Pleasure is not really the god here though. It is self. Pleasure is simply an experience that pleases self. This is the god, self-love, pleasing one’s self.

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