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cat01 Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ?

Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ?
Is the authority of the popes biblical? NO!
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In Mat 16:18 Jesus promised to build his Church. Today many churches pretend to be the only true church of Jesus Christ. This tract will examine the claims of the Roman Catholic Church concerning the authority and succession of the apostles in the popes.

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Destitution of a Pastor

The destitution of a Pastor is a discussion of the requirements of a pastor and his destitution if he doesn’t fulfill these requirements. This is an excellent exposition of the requirements of the pastor as well as the Destitution of a Pastor.

By Pastor-Missionary David Cox
Destitution of a Pastor

The Examining the Destitution of a Pastor

Let me start off by saying that it is dangerous to undertake the destitution of a pastor. If you are wrong (and we all can be wrong), then you are trying to remove a man God has placed in that ministry. It is equally as dangerous to allow a man that is essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing to take over a ministry.

Over the years, I have seen churches “fall.” By that I mean, a good church, with good doctrines and good people, and a false prophet come in and run off the majority, take the 20-30 years of what they had done economically to have a building, and use it for his personal bank account. Essentially, the false prophet changes the church’s doctrine and practice to what he wants it to be. Sad. Some of those churches were supporting me as a missionary (as well as a dozen or so more missionaries) and after the new pastor, we missionaries were all dropped. On the field or off, no difference.

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