How to tell if you are in cult #7

How to tell if you are in cult #7 is another post on where repentance should dominate in the person of the pastor and in the environment of the local church.

 T. When public confession of sin and open repentance (so others can verify if you were sincere or not) is exchanged for organizational cover-ups, where lowly members are publicly exhibited and shamed, and administration, leadership, and their favorites have their sins hidden by the group.

In the Bible, the local church is a center of repentance and rejection of sin, a shop where other Christians help, aid, and support those struggling with sin. Each and every Christian is also in this battle, and they will help others. When a false prophet is in charge, this environment of fighting sin takes a back seat to other things. Building the church with good tithers and raising money for new building are in the forefront.

U. When humility and meekness in leadership is replaced by haughtiness and arrogance.

The difference between a man of God and a false prophet is often very easily seen in his humility or haughtiness. Being in front of a group like a church, it is easy to encourage the group and in the process become very haughty.

A true man of God never forgets or loses his humility. He also has it forefront in his mind. He is a sinner just like everyone else in the church. This self stumbling into sin is always haunting him. He has to continuously confess and repent. This takes over his thinking in such a way that it is seen in his attitude and in his words from the pulpit (and out of the pulpit).

Marks of a Cult

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6. The Personality of the Holy Spirit
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