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The Deeper Life movement came about from the Methodists, Holiness Groups, Nazarenes, etc. all coming out of the Anglican church. (See Anglican Church for a detailed review of them.)

All of these groups follow in principle John Wesley’s teaching of a second work of Grace, or Perfectionism. They are looking for real spiritual changes in people who claim to be saved, and they will not be satisfied with professors who don’t live differently their lives, after the image of Christ. For this, we can applaud this movement.

Errors and Failings

While spirituality, holiness, and a closer walk with God are all things any true Christian would like to see, the “method” of “Methodism” is just not biblical. This error is an extension and expansion of the monks’ asceticism, and the general idea that by flailing the body and by such types of activities, one becomes more spiritual.

Spirituality comes from walking with Christ constantly, yielding your life and actions and attitudes over to the moving of the Holy Spirit, which will always work through God’s Word.

Activity in itself will not make a person more spiritual. There are no secret methods to spirituality or to commune with God. This idea has been around since the Mystery Religions, and likewise is not a biblical concept.

About the only activities (“biblical methods”) that we see in the New Testament were prayer and meditating on Christ’s teachings.

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