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Chrnalogar, M.A. – Twisted Scriptures

Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom from Abusive Churches, Mary Alice Chrnalogar, 1997. By wielding distorted Scripture, controlling groups keep earnest believers struggling under the terrible tyranny of oppression, guilt, and fear. The author says, “This book will take you into the inner workings of abusive and controlling groups to show you how they control their members. I will make clear the mind games that many of the major destructively controlling groups have in common.” Checklists at the end of each chapter offer good topics for discussion. Ms. Chrnalogar is herself a former member of an aberrational Christian group.

VanVonderen, J. – Families where Grace is in Place

Families Where Grace Is In Place: Getting Free from the Burden of Pressuring, Controlling and Manipulating Your Spouse and Your Children, Jeff VanVonderen, 1992. “Here is a message about how God’s grace can transform relationships within a marriage and family.  The first step is learning the simple difference between God’s job and ours… Healthy relationships between husband and wife, between parents and children, are possible only when the filter of God’s grace is placed over the processes of marriage and parenting. The Christian family’s ultimate goals can be arrived at without using legalistic and manipulative methods.” (Quoted from the back of the book.)

Lloyd-Jones, M. – Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Its Cure

Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Its Cure, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 1965. Gently but firmly addresses potential causes including inability to receive forgiveness for all sins, not moving beyond past failures, seeing only bad and not good, not recognizing false teaching, lack of faith, not seeing trials correctly, etc. This older book stays centered on Biblical solutions. Very helpful.

Burks, R. – Damaged Disciples

Damaged Disciples: Casualties of Authoritarian Churches and the Shepherding Movement, Ron and Vicki Burks, 1992. Ron was taught to subject himself totally to his disciplers in the shepherding movement. Vicki was taught to submit to her husband. This is their story of struggling to break free and rebuild their lives. For Vicki, it is the story of rescuing her “self” from non-being. Ron later earned his PhD. in counseling and was on staff at Wellspring. Here is his dissertation, Cognitive Impairment In Thought Reform Environments.

Cloud-Townsend – Boundaries When to say yes when to say no

Boundaries: When To Say Yes, When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life, Dr. Henry Cloud &s Dr. John Townsend, 1992. The Assembly system intentionally militated to break down normal boundaries in peoples lives. The concepts and examples in this book are extremely helpful to recognize where the issues lie and change course. There is an accompanying workbook.

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Martin, P.R. – Cult Proofing your Kids

Cult Proofing Your Kids, Paul R. Martin, 1993.  Whether or not you are comfortable with the “cult” word, this book includes a lot of information that is very helpful to people from the Assembly, especially the chapters on the healthy family, parenting tips, developing critical thinking, changing family dynamics and a “cult susceptibility” questionnaire. click more for more on Cult Proofing your Kids

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Arterburn, S. – Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

By S. Arterburn and J. Felton

Faith That Hurts, Faith That Heals, Steve Arterburn and Jack Felton, 1992 [originally published as Toxic Faith]. Details the process by which true faith disintegrates into a harmful belief system and even religious addiction, and outlines 17 characteristics of healthy faith. Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

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