Why so many Crises Today?

Why so many Crises Today? Is an article about our day with a constant crisis at every corner and how this works into the Antichrist and his takeover.

An Overview of End Times Game Plan (Satan’s Plan)

We need to understand that the only factor working in all history is God’s handling of man and his sin. After all is said and done, Satan’s challenge of God’s sovereignty is the most basic explanation of things. Satan worked in the garden to make man fall, and although from a certain standpoint, Satan won that battle, God has allowed that “win” in order to fully reveal the love of God for us (his creatures) in Christ dying on the cross. But this is really a win for God, and Satan didn’t make out of what he thought was a “slam dunk” win what would be a universal loss for God and his plan.

Fast-forward to the end times, and we see that God gives Satan a lot of opportunities and in each of these, although Satan “wins” some things, but overall, the plans of God are not overturned. These “defeats” are actually part of God’s plan, using Satan against him own will.

The end times, as the Bible portrays them, is another series of God allowing or permitting Satan to “win”, or have his way, his will, and it again is a total failure. But there is that “winning” that Satan has to throw over on other people.

We know that the rapture will happen, at which point both the Holy Spirit and all living and dead redeemed will be taken up with Jesus (coming only in the air at the first part of the Second Coming) to take part of the marriage ceremonies of the Lamb. God will grant Satan a certain amount of power (winning for him), in that the Christians will not be on earth to stop Satan, and most importantly, the special dispensation of the Holy Spirit working (convincing of sin and with straining of sin) will come to a close.

But Satan will now “have his reign” unhindered. How will he get almost all of earth’s inhabitants to worship him? Through crises that supposedly there is no other way than Satan’s way to “fix what is wrong”. This analysis of what is a problem plus how to best fix that problem is the key to Satan’s strategy. What we are seeing in our present generation is the preparation of this plan of Satan to take over the world.

The Fake Crises

Satan is not God but a created being. While he may be the smartest and most powerful of the created beings, he still is limited in what he can do to things that God originally gave him before his fall. He cannot surpass those limitations. Satan cannot create new life. In fact, as an angel that does not have a sexual capacity, he cannot even reproduce in reality. He can only reproduce, as he makes already created beings be like himself. He caused other angels to fall like him, and he caused mankind to fall like him. But other than ill affecting other beings (he caused the entire world to be under the effect of his sin), he is without reproductive powers or abilities. He “needs” men in order to bring more beings under his power.

This being understood, Satan can no more cause a crisis or fix a crisis than he can reproduce another being as a man and woman. He is totally impotent, really. Without God, both angels and men are powerless. It is only through God’s working, will, and power that “things get done,” like fixing a crisis.

Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

The idea of God “creating evil” is that God creates adversity. Things which go astray from man’s best plans. No man plans to have cancer, but God does send adversity man’s way. The book of Job points out how God proposed to Satan to try Job with sickness. It was for God’s glory, because God begins everything with “Job is just.” Job had no spiritual problem in himself that caused this sickness and crisis of every kind on Job. Just the opposite. Job was just. God declares to us this fact.

But all this just underscores the difference between God as the Supreme Being and Satan as a created and disapproved-by-God creature. Satan cannot create. Satan cannot “save” in the sense of rescuing the people under physical and spiritual danger. He has never had that power in himself, and God has never given that power to him.

The Non-Resolution of these Fake Crises

When we look at an overview of what Satan does, and how he does it, he puts a band-aid on a cut-off arm. In other words, what he does, doesn’t really fix the problem, nor restore the person to health. In only confuses and conceals Satan’s own incapacity.

Global Warming, or is it Global Cooling?

We have been handed a crisis, supposedly “man-made crisis”, in that of our weather. While every high school and middle school science textbook at one time explained to these youngsters that man inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, and plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale pure oxygen, somehow this has changed. Not that both don’t do this very thing every day today, but that now it is a crisis.

If the planet is warming up, and we note, at first it was that the planet is going into a global ice age. If scientists proclaim that the world has gone through this before, exactly where is the defense that this time the planet’s natural processes won’t take us through it and one day we will be back to where we are now? Why is a cold spell followed by a warm spell a crisis? It isn’t. People are trying to make it into a crisis when it is not. Supposedly, when the planet heats up, all the ice on the planet will melt, and the sea level will rise. Barak Obama espoused this unproven, unscientific theory. Yet, after trying to convince the world of this hokey theory, he bought a beachfront mansion. Why? He obviously didn’t really believe what he said, or he would have purchased a mountain top mansion.

But again, we note a few observations in all of these polemic arguments. Satan hates man, because man is God’s “greatest” creation. That is the thorn in Satan’s side. He is jealous of mankind. Again, both men and some angels fell from God’s grace. But God only provided salvation to man. Another thorn in God’s grace. Man, Christian men and women, live in the image of God, therefore the character graces of God shine brightly through their godly lives. Another thorn. At this point, we begin to why Satan is assaulting man’s sexual nature so heavily. These thorns in the flesh are what are doing it.

But for all the “pride” causes we see today, we understand that it is physically and medically impossible for a woman (born that way) can have a child without sexual intercourse or man’s seed. Gays will cease to exist because they cannot just have kids and teach them their perversion. Therefore, they seek to impose their own perversions on other people’s kids, other people here are people that are not gay or trans, and respect God’s dictum about sexual reproduction. In the story of Sodom and Gommorah, the people of that city tried to rape the angels of God, because in their thinking, if a person has homosexual sex, then they will be converted and forever be gay. They don’t understand that sodomy will not convert them to gay, but will be seen as a violation of their body, and they will greatly dislike, hate, and resent it. Yet today, the gays want to introduce their perversions to clean, non-gay people. It is in the name of reproducing their perversions that they do this.

“Creation” of Fake Crises

So the trick here, as Satan would see it, is that he needs to convince people to the point of scaring them out of their minds, that some crisis is upon us. (As he hates mankind, it is mankind’s fault. What movies today and see where the view is “man is a parasite on earth” and “man is abusing the earth and therefore man is the problem that needs to be taken care of”. The total extinction of man would make these people happy. Bill Gates believes we have to “depopulate the earth”. People need to die, and new ones need to be stopped from entering the world and taking the place of those who die. So we understand the great “crisis” of a person who controls their sexual behavior becoming pregnant with an unwanted baby, and therefore has to have an abortion. It is their “right”. No matter about the sanctity of life.) What about the person just uses God’s principle of no sex unless it is with your legal spouse, and then a pregnancy would be wanted?

But as we review our world and its problems, we understand that a host of the “crises” we have are not really crises. If a single woman who doesn’t want to get married NEVER HAS SEX, she will not need any abortion, nor will she have any unwanted pregnancies. Why doesn’t this work? In the AIDS scare of years back, the probability of getting AIDS if you were a man married to a woman, and both only have sex one with the other is about zero. But the gays wanted to have unbridled sex and not have the risk of sexual disease. They wanted the entire United States to pay for that because “it is a crisis”. It may be a serious problem for them, but that is because they never took God’s principles under review, or they reject God at every hand. And again, we see Satan is behind it all wanting to cause misery, suffering and destruction for everything in man and his world.

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

The point that Christ made in John 10:10 is that God contrasted with Satan is night and day opposites. God blesses and makes thing right, and Satan curses and makes things bad. Satan is perceived as a lion that destroys (1 Peter 5:8). In contrast, God heals, God makes things better, and God consoles. We live under the curse caused by Satan to understand the blessing that God is.

But the truth is, as it was, so it is now. The earth changes constantly IN CYCLES. Not understanding these cycles is our problem. But because it is cold some months of the year or hot in others is not a crisis at all. It is normal weather.

Problems in the Tribulation

So when Satan can work unhindered by God and Christians (after the rapture), what will he do? He will use fake crises to get people to look at him, worship him. He will do something to “cure” or “heal” the world of these crises, but that remedy won’t work first of all, and second of all, a new curse or crisis will come up next. This will be common daily fare during the 7 years of the tribulation. We should understand where all of this is coming from. Satan is ginning up his plans and trying out and “perfecting” his plan for this time.

If you meditate on it, why does God pour out curse or crisis after crisis during the Tribulation? Hardly one sets in on humanidad when the next comes. These curses are from God himself as it appears in Revelation. God is cursing mankind because of one particular point. In crisis, humans don’t turn to God but to other solutions. In all of the Tribulation as presented in the Bible, humans never turn to God for help in their problems. All they do is worship Satan, his god, which is his own will and way. A very few turn to God, and these associate themselves with Israel it would seem, and Satan’s “solution” is like Hitler’s final solution, to kill them all. So at some point in the end of the Tribulation, Satan will “back Israel up in a hole” which is in the valley of Armageddon, and this is when Christ will descend from heaven with all of his armies and saints.

But the point has to be driven home. The real “problem” of humanity is their failure to turn to God in their sins and crises. For that, God will punish humanity as well as Satan and his angels for rebelling against God. Humanity has followed Satan, to worship him in a sense, and for this sin God will punishment men individually and corporately. The Tribulation and all its crises are from God and curse from God on mankind corporately.

1 John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Why so many Crises Today?

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