Enroth, R. – Recovering from Churches that Abuse

Recovering From Churches That Abuse, Dr. Ronald Enroth, 1994. The message of this book is that “mending” is possible. He makes the point that as the damage was relational, the healing must also be relational. Again Dr. Enroth devotes a chapter to the Assembly. One very helpful aspect of both of Dr. Enroth’s books is seeing similarities between the Assembly and other hurtful Christian groups. Recovering from Churches that Abuse is now available online in PDF format.

Dagg Manual of Theology is a theology work in 2 volumes by J.L. Dagg a Reformed Southern Baptist. It is an extensive, very ample presentation of doctrines.
This is an extensive Bible Systematic Theology (Bible Doctrines book) from a conservative point of view.
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