Hession – We would see Jesus

See JesusWe Would See Jesus, Roy and Revel Hession,1958, re-issued by CLC in 2005. A brief read, a perennial classic that has withstood the test of time. Read the Amazon reviews.

Do you struggle with guilt or feel like God can’t accept you as you are? Tt’s easy to forget that nothing we do will make us more acceptable to God. Jesus came to set us free to serve Him in the freshness and spontaneity of the Spirit, and to receive the ABUNDANT blessing God has for us. Let your life be transformed as you learn to see Jesus, who is both the blessing and the way to that blessing – the menas and the end.

Dagg Manual of Theology
Dagg's Work, Manual of Theology, is a full-fledged systematic theology from a Reformed perspective. He was Baptist.
PDF: Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.

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