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Campbellism, Church of Christ

Overview and Introduction

This post explains some distinctive points of the Church of Church. My purpose in giving this evaluation is not to refute every error ever mentioned in one of their books, but rather to outline the areas where I and others have seen doctrinal impropriety in the Church of Christ. My purpose and point is so that when you read Church of Christ authors that you can be on the look out for these particular problems, and “filter them out” (reject them).

(Note, I am using “Campbellite” here because this traces back to the founding of this group, although they probably do not like it. I mean no offense by this. Additionally, it is my understanding that the Disciples of Christ technically is a branch off of the main Church of Christ group, and the Disciples of Christ deny many of the fundamentals of the faith. They should be distinguished although they have a common heritage.)

I have read a lot of Church of Christ material, and a lot of it seems right down the line with the Bible. I have read the sermons of Mark Copeland, and most every one of them would seem to exactly something that I would preach. (Water baptism is one element that I disagree with him totally, see below.) But some of their teachings are definitely off in left field. I would also note that in my own personal opinion, the diversity in doctrinal positions is extremely wide in this group, and while some are pretty close to Baptist beliefs, others are far afield. Some seem to be pushing things towards a more biblical stance and practice, while others are just a cult and work towards making their beliefs and practices as different from other groups as possible, whether they misinterpret the Bible in doing or not.

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