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Introduction to Unitarianism-Universalism

Unitarianism (also called monarchianism)is a religious position that denies the historical concept of the Trinity. Historically Unitarians began as a denial of the doctrine of the “TRInity” and therefore believing in a UNIty (thus “Unitarians”). They believe that God exists in a single being AND a single person. In order to come to this position, they have to deny full deity to Jesus Christ. Thayer’s lexicon for example (Thayer is Unitarian) has under the entry for Christ, “mistakenly thought to be deity“. Because of their erroneous beliefs on salvation and the person of Christ, they must be understood to be unsaved and heretical. Their religion is not defined on the basis of doctrines (positive declarations of faith) taken from Scripture, but rather in that of denials, denouncing specific statements of faith with which they disagree. Their main target as far as denying is mainstream Christianity.

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