Quran Koran Contradictions


Quran Koran Contradictions

Quran Koran Contradictions
By David Cox

When we consider that the Bible is a divinely inspired book, that God himself gave us all the words of the Bible, and that God himself made sure that there were no contradictions nor errors, this is what causes us to have confidence in our Bible.

For muslims, they pretend to hold the same true for the Quran/Koran. But they have a problem. First of all, the Bible claims to be inspired, and they “lightly” hold the Bible as also being inspired, though they hold more dearly to the Quran. One or the other must be supremely inspired (and the other a falsehood), or if they both are true, they must harmonize completely, and not contradict themselves between themselves.

When we compare the Bible and Quran, they contradict themselves. Therefore, we should insist on the inspiration of the Bible (came first, set the historical context for Quran, etc) and reject the Quran as being infallible. If the Quran is not infallible (BOTH BIBLE AND THE QURAN CAME BOTH BE INFALLIBLE IF THEY CONTRADICT ONE ANOTHER), it is of little or no use in dicating to us religious morals and commandments. Note Contradictions within the Quran notes where Islam allows changes to be made to the Quran, such as praying towards Jerusalem was changed to Mecca, punishment for adulteresses was life imprisonment (Sura 4:15) but it was changed to flogging with 100 strikes (Sura 24:2), etc.

Internal Contradictions – 121 Contradictions. – very clear examples.

External Errors | Science | History |

Verses Contradicting Earlier Revelations


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