FP: Overview of the False Prophet

Overview of the False Prophet

False Prophet
By David Cox

Summary: This is post is an index page for all our studies on the topic of “false_prophet”. Here we will define what is a false_prophet, describe him biblically, his methods and techniques, his goals and objectives, and his show what God says about him.

The existence of false_prophets and teachers is a given in the Bible. You cannot read and understand the Bible without seeing the danger and existence of false prophets. What God wants is for us to discern the incorrect from the correct. God’s instruction about false_prophets is a warning so that we can correctly identify the false prophet and separate from them and their ministries so as not to be hurt, nor enter into the judgment of God on them.

For an overview, see
False Prophets and Teachers Overview

Why does God allow the existence of False Prophets?

If God loves us, why does He allow their existence? Because this is the only way to test and validate the sincerity of our hearts. When God allows them to do their “dirty work”, those who are true are separated from those who are false and insincere. (See Marks of a True Christian)

This study is divided into three sections:

1. The Fruit of a False Prophet.
2. The Methods of a False Prophet.
3. The Character of a False Prophet.

Each of these areas will be intensely examined in separate posts.

For an overview of this, see
False Prophets and Teachers Overview

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