“Mary, Mother of God”

Catholics propose that Mary, Mother of God, is of special worship and reverence. It is wrong to worship her. The Bible indicates that she was special because Christ was incarnated through her, but beyond that point, there is no worship for her.


Mary is not the center of focus in Scripture. If you were to not know anything about the Bible at all, and you were to study religion as the Roman Catholics present it, you would deduce that Mary is the center of Christianity. Walk into one of their churches and you see Mary’s image plastered all over everything. Although there are other saints and Jesus’ image around also, Mary’s image will be there many times more than Jesus’ image or any other biblical person.

But if we study the Scriptures, this is just not the case. References to Mary or even the incarnation at all are scarce, with the emphasis not on the virgin mother, but on God incarnate. Mary is very central in the Incarnation in the Gospels, and even at that, only Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels even relate the incarnation mentioning Mary.  In Acts, she is mentioned in being among the disciples waiting for the day of Pentecost, but after that, she basically totally disappears from the pages of Scripture.

All this reinforces the idea that Mary is not the center of Scripture. When we apply the same principles to Jesus Christ, we find central importance and priority of Jesus Christ from Genesis through Revelation, with references to the Savior in almost every chapter of the Bible, and abundant references within most books of the Bible.

So why would a person or group de-emphasize Jesus as Savior, to replace His importance with some other person? This is the basic tactic of false religion to pervert the Gospel (which the Gospel is totally Jesus Christ and nothing Mary) so that they can claim to be the unique professors of what they call “truth.” They grab authority asserting that they are the only true religion, but they cannot account for the contrast and disparity between their doctrines and practices and what the Bible defines. Continue reading

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Calvinism Enoch pleased God Total Depravity

Calvinism Enoch pleased God Total Depravity. In this post, we examine the Calvinist position of man’s total depravity. This is the first in a series. Calvinism Enoch pleased God Total Depravity

Let’s do a quick analysis of this topic. First of all, if nobody can in any wise ever do anything that pleases God, then why try? Why not just live in our sins, and “enjoy” our sins to the best we can? Secondly, if the Bible teaches that nobody ever has ever done anything good at all, an extremist position carrying as far as you logically can, then why does the Bible say that certain people pleased God with their actions and lives? If Calvinist’s Total Depravity is right, then the Bible would contradict itself.

Thirdly, as with all cults and false religions, they redefine the meaning of words. Nobody who has read the Bible would deny that it presents man as a sinner. That is not the question at hand, do people sin? Yes. But the problem that the Calvinist spins in his web is more complex. Does mankind or any particular example of a personal sin as much as any human is capable of sinning? Can you extend that then that every human ever born is the extreme example of sin? Now we are just getting into befuddling the clear. NO! We see examples of gross sin, and not every human who ever lived has sinned to that extreme.

Where is the point then? Calvinists push the biblical doctrine of the sinfulness of man to extremes that the Bible does not say. This is just as wrong as flat out refusing that anybody has ever sinned. The Bible declares that no man has any good works that God respects in order to trade those “good works” for eternity in heaven. This is very different from Total Depravity. Calvinism Enoch pleased God Total Depravity

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Sacraments or Ordinances?

Sacraments or Ordinances? Are we to believe that specific ceremonial actions are going to save us?

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Christ’s Atonement in Catholicism

Christ’s Atonement in Catholicism shows that Roman Catholicism has a wrong concept of Christ’s work, and it is seen in various doctrinal beliefs and practices. They do not believe in the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement in the single act of dying on the cross, but rather it is like a single major event within many other events.

Christ’s Atonement in Catholicism

by David Cox

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Free-Stuart – How to Read the Bible for all its Worth

How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth: A Guide to Understanding the Bible, Gordon D. Fee &s Douglas Stuart, 1982. Dave Sable says: “One day years ago after I left a seminar meeting, still spiritually hungry and muddled in thought, I wandered into a Christian bookstore and came across this book.

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Total Depravity: 4. Counter Example of Daniel

Daniel’s Righteousness versus Total Depravity

Total Depravity
By David Cox

Total Depravity and DanielAgain the elements repeat themselves. In Daniel’s time, Israel was corrupt again, and this corruption seemed to be a very common thing, that “everyone” had turned from God.

The second element of a single individual Christian or believer stands apart from the crowd with a devote and holy life before God is what God points out to us.

Again the examples of the Bible is to live holy and devout lives of sacrifice and obedience before God even though or especially when you are in an atmosphere of total ungodliness. God calls us to this, and this is something that the individual HAS TO DECIDE WITHIN HIMSELF. While God provides strength (ability) and a long list of other things (patience, compassion, love, energy, endurance, etc.), everything is hinged on your deciding and doing this.

Dan 1:8 But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. 

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Total Depravity: 3. Counter Example of Jobs Piety

Counter Example of Jobs Piety

Jobs PietyIn this post we example how Job’s righteousness was declared by God to Satan, and Satan did not presume it to be “all of God”, but God attributed it to Job’s will and actions. The piety of Job (Jobs Piety) is a problem for Calvinists because in God’s eyes, Job was just. Not just to get into heaven, but just in his life before God.

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Total Depravity: 2. Counter Examples of Noah and Abraham

Counter Example of Noah

Gen 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

noah Total DepravityIF ever there were a verse to teach total depravity, it is this one. God declares that he is displeased with every imagination.. thoughts of mankind. He saw it as continual evil. But what is the context? While this is true, men sin, and the grossness of their sin at times comes to a climax which causes God to respond with wrath (the flood), there are individuals which do not fit in that mold (Noah). Calvnists don’t like to use this verse to prove their Total Depravity theory because within it is Noah and his family, people who broke the mold of total depravity by their righteous lives.

Men are depraved, and that is totally true. But it is a jump which is not necessarily so to say that because men are depraved, they are totally depraved, and there is nothing that any person could ever do that would please God. When a person repents and believes in Jesus Christ, does that please God or not?

The issue we have with Calvinism is that Calvinism deposits man’s salvation as being controlled and triggered by election and predestination. That point is never proved by Scripture. Election is a broad term which includes “selection” to many different things, not just salvation. Being elect to salvation does not absolutely mean we personally have nothing to do with it.

The truth of the matter is that the Bible represents a person getting saved, first because God provided a way for them to be saved, and then secondly, because they individually respond to that way, embracing it. It is always “repent and believe”, and never, ever is it “look to see if you are elect”. What triggers salvation is not a realization that you are elect (never does Scripture present entering salvation because you “realize” something about your election), but rather a personal action of believing. Repentance is turning from whatever else you are embracing to embrace the salvation of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Destitution of a Pastor

The destitution of a Pastor is a discussion of the requirements of a pastor and his destitution if he doesn’t fulfill these requirements. This is an excellent exposition of the requirements of the pastor as well as the Destitution of a Pastor.

By Pastor-Missionary David Cox
Destitution of a Pastor

The Examining the Destitution of a Pastor

Let me start off by saying that it is dangerous to undertake the destitution of a pastor. If you are wrong (and we all can be wrong), then you are trying to remove a man God has placed in that ministry. It is equally as dangerous to allow a man that is essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing to take over a ministry.

Over the years, I have seen churches “fall.” By that I mean, a good church, with good doctrines and good people, and a false prophet come in and run off the majority, take the 20-30 years of what they had done economically to have a building, and use it for his personal bank account. Essentially, the false prophet changes the church’s doctrine and practice to what he wants it to be. Sad. Some of those churches were supporting me as a missionary (as well as a dozen or so more missionaries) and after the new pastor, we missionaries were all dropped. On the field or off, no difference.

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Cloud-Townsend – Safe People

Safe People: How to Find Relationships That Are Good for You and Avoid Those That Aren’t!, Dr. Henry Cloud &s Dr. John Townsend, 1995. Henry tells about being in a Christian group for 5 years where he learned a lot but became more “religious” and less “real”.

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