The Reality of Demons


The Reality of Demons is a simple fact of life. We should not focus on demons, but they are real and around us and fighting against us. As humans, we have to deal with their influences upon us, our lives, and the lives of those around us.

We need to Understand the Reality of Demons

First of all, they are real, and they affect us (both cause us to sin against God as well as afflict us). Demons want humans to sin, and basically, they want us to destroy our own lives, or they want to ruin us themselves. This is a real battle. A perturbed and problematic life is the direct result of demons and sin. Although we cannot separate the instigator from the act (sin), we must admit that Satan is real, and his army is real. We can feel their influence on us day in and day out.

Secondly, they have a “fifth column”. The concept of a fifth column comes from the Old Testament or from war. There were four columns, front, back, left, and right. The fifth column was a group of soldiers that were not in agreement with the army they were part of and they worked against the well functioning of that army.

In our situation, that is our carnal flesh that works with Satan and his cohorts to cause us to sin.

Thirdly, we need to know that the Holy Spirit indwells the believer, and God in us is stronger than Satan or any demon.

The Practical Reality of Demons

How does all of this work out in reality? Many people have deluded ideas about life. These ideas are the result of Satan and his demons attacking us mentality in our minds. The use of drugs and alcohol, and even illicit sex cause a person to have a very distorted view of life. That is what Satan wants. He wants us to be destroyed.

So people who sin against other people are just Satan and his demons playing out what is their battle strategy. We should not be surprised about that.

The Divine Solution

God has given mankind solutions to Satan and the fallen angels under him. These solutions are many and varied. They all work. Satan is the great Liar, and what he peddles to mankind does not work in the long run. He says for example, “Men, fulfill your sexual desires for women by forcing them, by running around on your wife, by playing with yourself, etc.” But after you get caught and are in prison for rape or your wife finds out you have a lover or romantic escapades with some other woman, then your life is classically “messed up”.

First of all, the primary solution is to listen to God and not the Devil. First and foremost you must believe in God and the Bible, and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. When you “receive Jesus”, you are BOTH receiving him as your Savior and as your moral example. What Jesus does, what God commands in Scripture are our guidelines for our lives.

Not short Circuiting God

So many people want to short circuit God’s solution. “I have an addiction. God help me.” “Accept Jesus as your Savior.” “Yea, yea, now what. Get to the ‘good stuff’.” They do not believe in Scripture, in what God is telling them as far as the solution to their problems. This is the solution. The most effective plan is to listen to God. You accept Christ as your Savior first and foremost of all. If you do not first of all start at the beginning with this nothing will work to resolve the problems in your life.

Secondly, you need to order your life under the framework of a Christian as the Bible explains it. People with problems want the consequences of their problems to go away, but they want to continue in their sins. Let me say that again.

People with problems want the consequences of their problems to go away, but they want to continue in their sins.

So God’s solutions don’t work because:

1) When people with problems just feign getting saved in order to get help with the consequences, that doesn’t work.

2) Without believing and obeying God, living like a Christian becomes hypocrisy for them.  It is just another kind of problem that they are getting into.

Sinners so often do not realize or put a high priority on rejecting their sin and seeking with all their hearts the justice and righteousness that God commands them. This results in gutting the spiritual and moral power to change their lives in a real way.

People with Demons, how to get rid of them

The key here is to understand that the Holy Spirit and demons cannot indwell a person. And they cannot co-exist as far as influencing a person. The more you put the Holy Spirit into your heart and mind, the less Satan and demons will have access to you. You drive Satan and the demons “out of your life” by putting God more and more into your life.

See my knowledge base article on Understanding Demons and Fallen Angels, by David Cox

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