Arterburn, S. – Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

By S. Arterburn and J. Felton

Faith That Hurts, Faith That Heals, Steve Arterburn and Jack Felton, 1992 [originally published as Toxic Faith]. Details the process by which true faith disintegrates into a harmful belief system and even religious addiction, and outlines 17 characteristics of healthy faith. Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals

As repulsive as it is to admit it, many of us in the assembly were in that downward spiral into religious addiction. Read this book and wake up to the characteristics. Bill Johnson has written a summary of this book. (

Cox A Study on the Trinity
is a short 32-page work on the Trinity with special attention applied towards Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses. Chapters: 1. God is One Monotheism. | 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people. | 3. Other Consideration that God has to be three persons. | 4. God the Father is God | 5. Jesus is God | 6. The Holy Spirit is God. | 7. Unacceptable explanations of the Trinity. | 8 Conclusion. Alternate Download Site:

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