Testimony of a Converted Muslim

Testimony of a Converted Muslim


My Opinon

converted muslimAlthough there are some problems with this man’s words, (he is just telling what the Koran says), but some of the points are very interesting. Apparently he was converted to Catholicism.

Transcript Points

He is a parish priest of Islam. He preached that Jesus is not God. Somebody asked who is Jesus? He reread the Koran. Mohamed occurs 4x, and Jesus 25x. The emphasis gave more preference to Jesus than Mohamed. No women were mentioned. But even a whole chapter were given to Jesus’ mother. There is teaching on Mary.

Word of God, Spirit of God, Jesus Christ are all names given to Jesus.

How did God created the universe? He said through the Word. Is the Word the Creator? Is the Word Creation? Then how can he create?


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